Maxillofacial Prosthetics

We also specialize in Maxillofacial prosthetics such as noses, orbital exonerations (large prosthetic devices incorporating an artificial eye), and ear prosthetics. These types of devices may take more than one visit to
fabricate and finish.

The Process

  1. An impression of the area is taken with alginate.
  2. The impression is then cast in dental stone which creates a positive surface with which we use to sculpt/shape the prosthesis.
  3. The prosthesis is shaped to the mold and where it is then sculpted into the final shape.
  4. We take that shape to uses as the mold for our final prosthesis.
  5. We try the prosthesis on the patient.
  6. Tinting and veining the prosthetic device.
  7. Educating the patient as to the proper care and use of their prosthetic device.
  8. Schedule a return appointment.