Prosthetic Limbs

Although the fitting process will vary slightly depending on each patient’s situation, La Fuente Prosthetics is readily available to help you begin your prosthetic journey. Whether you are a recent amputee receiving your
first prosthesis, or amputees returning for replacement prostheses, we are here In order to get started you will need to contact our office at 405-236-2882 or toll free at 888-577-4588. One of our administrative staff will schedule a consultation appointment with one of our Prosthetists as well as answer your questions. During your consultation the staff will be able to provide information and help you
determine the best route to help cover this expense financially.

We look forward to seeing you and to dedicating lots of time assisting you as you make this delicate transition in life. Many of our patients regard us as close friends because they can see that we care and understand
what they are experiencing. So feel free to talk to us about anything. Our goal is to show you that with our help you can recover positively from this experience.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics

We also specialize in Maxillofacial prosthetics such as noses, orbital exonerations (large prosthetic devices incorporating an artificial eye), and ear prosthetics. These types of devices may take more than one visit to
fabricate and finish.

The Process

  1. An impression of the area is taken with alginate.
  2. The impression is then cast in dental stone which creates a positive surface with which we use to sculpt/shape the prosthesis.
  3. The prosthesis is shaped to the mold and where it is then sculpted into the final shape.
  4. We take that shape to uses as the mold for our final prosthesis.
  5. We try the prosthesis on the patient.
  6. Tinting and veining the prosthetic device.
  7. Educating the patient as to the proper care and use of their prosthetic device.
  8. Schedule a return appointment.

Artificial Eyes

At La Fuente Prosthetics we specialize in Custom Artificial Eyes. We have over 30 years in fabricating Each prosthesis is custom fitted from an alginate impression and hand painted to match the patient’s natural eye using earth pigments. The fabrication process from start to finish is typically done the same day. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best quality prosthetics as well as the best possible cosmetics.

The process:

Patients are often referred to us by their physician’s office. Once the referral is established the patient will: We pride ourselves on providing the patient with excellent service from start to finish. Our specialties include:
Artificial Eyes, Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Prosthetic Limbs

1.Make an appointment with our office.

2.The ocularist inspects the condition of the socket. The horizontal and vertical dimensions and the periphery of the socket are measured.